MilCis 2013 – Australia

Brisbane, 12-14 November 2013

The Military Communications and Information Systems (MilCis) Conference is taking place in the National Convention Centre in Brisbane on 12-14 November 2013. iOra will be showcasing their Geo-Replicator solution at the Show along with the key Australian partner, Myriad Technologies. iOra’s patented replication technology helps organisations with users who operate at the very edge of the corporate network in remote or mobile locations to ensure timely and efficient delivery of up-to-date business critical information.

MilCis is an annual conference aimed at attendees from military and government organisations, academia and defence industry, who contribute key decisions in investments in communications and information systems. The Conference facilitates interfaces between Department of Defence employees, contractors, customers and researchers to discuss solutions that meet the varied needs of the military industry. MilCis is the only Australian conference focussing directly on the crucial technologies, products, systems and services associated with military communications and information systems.

iOra’s Product Manager, Lawrence Poynter, will be presenting a white paper on ‘Sharing Data over Challenging Military Networks’ on Day 1 of the Conference in Session 1.7b. The paper describes the challenges for sharing data in deployed environments and how they are then complicated by the performance of the available military networks in ensuring a consistent and holistic view of the data. To mitigate the effect of reduced or unavailable network resources this paper describes a series of strategies that support information sharing and collaboration across challenging networks. The paper has been written in collaboration with Rear Admiral Philip Wilcocks CB DSC DL.

James Milne (MVP), CTO of Myriad Technologies will be presenting at two sessions, 2.8b and 2.8c on Day 2 of the conference. These two sessions focus on the critical nature of the challenges of information sharing across any geographically disbursed environment for embedded SharePoint users with intermittent network connectivity and security classifications. Myriad Technologies delivers a range of information technology, business management and training services that incorporate Microsoft SharePoint’s wide range of capabilities – improving communications, leveraging information and encouraging knowledge-sharing cultures to revolutionise the way organisations operate.

Myriad Technologies and iOra will be on booth number 29. The paper will be delivered on Day 1 of the conference in Session 1.7b.

      “Providing timely updates to tankers around the world’s oceans have presented logistical problems. iOra’s solution is designed to allow us to deliver updated information quickly and efficiently.”

      “The introduction of Geo-Replicator® has enabled us to work with much improved efficiency and has now been deployed across the fleet to transforming the way we operate.”

      “The Regs4ships system with iOra Geo-Replicator® allows shore managers and ships’ crews to refer to integrated data in near real time.”

      “iOra continues to be an integral part of the Ministry of Defense, delivering essential software across the organisation. Their software delivers a one stop strategy, saving time, money and resources.”

      “In terms of the benefits to the Australian Department of Defense, they now have access to the full SharePoint platform capability – any time, anywhere – literally!”

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