Ensure your ships get information at sea before arriving in port. Delays cost money. iOra replicates critical information and sends across the lowest possible network connection. Ensure the latest procedures and protocols are on-board readily available.

iOra understands the information challenges facing offshore operations in remote or mobile locations. The ever increasing pursuit of natural resources together with their transport by sea poses unique challenges for information sharing and communication.

The increasing requirements for compliance with Health and Safety and Environmental regulations dictate the need to ensure that your managers and staff have access to the most up to date procedures and protocols to protect the safety of your people and assets whilst importantly reducing the risk of fines and reputational damages. Your remote teams have to report incidents and near misses quickly and easily to reduce Non-Productive Time and provide you with critical management information.

Sharing maintenance files and technical documentation is critical to the smooth-running of your operations. Whether it’s in a remote land location, off shore or in transit, your teams need extremely reliable access to technical information, operational instructions as well as weather and local environmental information. With the increased digitalisation of offshore and remote operations there is an absolute need for the same reliability of connectivity as you would expect in a networked office location.

For operational and crew welfare purposes web portals may be captured and synchronized for offline access – even when the network is impaired, these websites are still available for access. Replicating these portals enables up to date access to critical communications such as Piracy and Weather updates for ships travelling through hostile waters as well as recreational surfing to Sports and News sites, for example.

All this requires a reliable connectivity solution provided by our unique patented data replication software, especially as your company works and communicates at the very edge of the network across satellite and radio frequency connections.

Remote access to near real time updates to manuals, procedures, health and safety monitoring information, port information, emergency response plans, transit instructions and more without compromising the limited network makes the difference between commercial success and failure.

“iOra continues to be an integral part of the Ministry of Defense, delivering essential software across the organisation. Their software delivers a one stop strategy, saving time, money and resources.”

“In terms of the benefits to the Australian Department of Defense, they now have access to the full SharePoint platform capability – any time, anywhere – literally!”

“The introduction of Geo-Replicator® has enabled us to work with much improved efficiency and has now been deployed across the fleet to transforming the way we operate.”

“Providing timely updates to tankers around the world’s oceans have presented logistical problems. iOra’s solution is designed to allow us to deliver updated information quickly and efficiently.”

“The Regs4ships system with iOra Geo-Replicator® allows shore managers and ships’ crews to refer to integrated data in near real time.”