By its very nature, exploration is reaching further and deeper into unchartered territory where networks are non-existent. iOra replicates critical information and sends across the lowest possible network connection. Receive and send information keeping HQ and partners informed of latest developments.

Requirements for deeper and more remote exploration across the world are increasing whether for minerals or oil and gas. High prices for oil and gas together with increasing global demand are sending exploration companies into underexplored areas. By definition remote areas are difficult to reach with limited transportation and infrastructure including power and networks.

Regardless of whether explorations are targeted to finding new oil and gas drilling sites, scientific surveys or general scoping of a new area, iOra has the technology to ensure your remote teams can stay connected.

We are proud to be the leading provider of data replication solutions to Governments, Defense, Oil and Gas, Commercial Maritime and Mining organizations across the globe.

Our patented replication technology enables us to deliver guaranteed access to operation-critical information 24/7 across challenging and unreliable networks in some of the most hostile and remote locations in the world.

When your organization needs to communicate at the very edge of the network through satellite or radio communications, we can reduce the time to replicate and synchronise up to terabytes of data from a day to a matter of just a few hours or indeed minutes, so your people have mission or business critical information in as close to real time as possible.

Sharing information about potentially lucrative field finds or drilling information will not require a save to a USB and the time taken to send this or massive amounts of paper or finding a working satellite link in a remote town but the ability to upload information through a shared collaboration tool such as Microsoft SharePoint for all consortia members to see.

That’s why we are trusted by over 75,000 offices and remote locations around the world to share information reliably, securely, and quickly.

“Providing timely updates to tankers around the world’s oceans have presented logistical problems. iOra’s solution is designed to allow us to deliver updated information quickly and efficiently.”

“The Regs4ships system with iOra Geo-Replicator® allows shore managers and ships’ crews to refer to integrated data in near real time.”

“The introduction of Geo-Replicator® has enabled us to work with much improved efficiency and has now been deployed across the fleet to transforming the way we operate.”

“In terms of the benefits to the Australian Department of Defense, they now have access to the full SharePoint platform capability – any time, anywhere – literally!”

“iOra continues to be an integral part of the Ministry of Defense, delivering essential software across the organisation. Their software delivers a one stop strategy, saving time, money and resources.”