Keeping warfighters informed at all times is paramount; not having the right information really can cost lives. iOra replicates critical information and sends across the lowest possible network connection. The safety of the warfighter is ensured and Mission Command has the eye on the detail.

Over the past 10 years iOra has built its reputation as the industry standard for replicating and compressing information over challenging and disrupted networks throughout the defense environment. We are entrusted to move terabytes of data to and from naval ships at sea, globally dispersed armies, command headquarters and government departments every single day of the year.

Our patented differencing software reduces substantially the amount of information sent thus ensuring that limited network capacities are available for other critical communication and information transfer requirements such as voice and video to and from widely dispersed units and their Headquarters.

We enable Commanders to communicate effectively and reliably with their warfighters in remote and hostile environments where communications are challenged by limited network capacity or the need for security. From HQ through to mobile operating bases and beyond into the field, we guarantee access to mission-critical information such as orders and mission plans, no matter what the state of the network. Equally, our patented technology enables accurate information gathered by warfighters to be sent back to their Commanders swiftly so everyone sees the same information in near-real time, especially where there is limited bandwidth. Our technology operates across networks even as slow as 8 kilobytes per second.

Our solution also offers secure, timely and efficient information sharing with allies and friendly forces enabling efficient and timely collaboration wherever and whenever, across the globe.

Because we can deliver information effectively and efficiently over challenging networks, we are the trusted partners for the United Nations, NATO, Australian Department of Defense, New Zealand Department of Defense, US Marine Corps, US Army, and the UK Ministry of Defense as well as highly sensitive national collaborations and other key global security organisations.

“Providing timely updates to tankers around the world’s oceans have presented logistical problems. iOra’s solution is designed to allow us to deliver updated information quickly and efficiently.”

“The Regs4ships system with iOra Geo-Replicator® allows shore managers and ships’ crews to refer to integrated data in near real time.”

“The introduction of Geo-Replicator® has enabled us to work with much improved efficiency and has now been deployed across the fleet to transforming the way we operate.”

“iOra continues to be an integral part of the Ministry of Defense, delivering essential software across the organisation. Their software delivers a one stop strategy, saving time, money and resources.”

“In terms of the benefits to the Australian Department of Defense, they now have access to the full SharePoint platform capability – any time, anywhere – literally!”